KŌTUKU - ngā kupu

Ēhara ēnei āhuatanga ka kite ia rā, ia rā 

Ko te tūmanako nā te puku mahi ngātahi

He mōmōhanga ngā mahara ki tēnei wā

Ka rongo i ngā rōhi 

Ahakoa ētahi wā e huna ana i te otaota, 

Āwhina atu ki te tohungia 


Hā puta

Nāwai, nāwai 

Ka kake ki te rangi

He kōtuku rerenga tahi 

Ona awe kua waiho iho hei piki kōtuku

Kia kaha ki te rere ngātahi, ngātahi

Hei piki kōtuku

Mehemea kotahi anake te rerenga ka kite 

ko te wawata ka pūmau 

ki te aroha noa kua puta I tēnei wā. 

ā-whānau, ā-hapū, ā-iwi, ā-hāpori, 


Tuturu whakamaua kia tina!

Haumi e, hui e

Taiki e!

KŌTUKU - a translation

These things don’t happen everyday

Hopefully, because we were working together

We can remember this time fondly

We can smell the roses

Though sometimes they can be lost in the weeds

We can help each other find them

Breathe in 

Breathe out


Rising in the sky…

The kōtuku only ever seen once

It’s plumes left behind for our adorning

Let’s be diligent in flying together

A beauty that will adorn us

If this flight is really only ever seen once 

Hopefully we hold on to the love that was shared 

and found during this time 

As families, as communities, as a people, as neighborhoods, as a nation.

Hold fast

Secure it

Draw together! Affirm!



I te tangi o te Korimako

He aha tāna e kōrero

Ka huri tāku aro ki te whakarongo

Ki te mārama i te waiata

He waiata whakahoki mahara

he mea hou rānei he tīmatanga?

He aha tāna e kawea?

Waita mai waiata mai

Kua roa te wā 

mai te titonga o tōku waiata

Kua rongo ahau

I ngā waiata o ōu tūpuna

Nō reira tuhia ki tō rae

Ēhara tāku toa i te toa takitahi

Ēngari he toa takitini


Over the melting skies

We sing our lullaby

Good morning and goodnight

To our stories

Over the melting sky

We bring our lullaby

Good morning and goodnight

To our stories

BELLBIRD - a Korimako translation


At the cry of the bellbird

What is it trying to say

I turn to listen

To understand the song

Is it a song about remembering

Or something new, a beginning?

What is the message?

Sing it out, sing it out


It’s been a long time

Since the composition of my song

I have heard

All the songs of your ancestors

Therefore write it on your forehead:


My strength is not in myself alone,

But in a collective

(I am not alone)



Takahurihuri Takawiriwiri mai

whiuwhiu te hurumaeko ka patu ō whatu 

Ka tākiri ana i te Wao nui tāngata 

Katakata ana ki tō tāwhatitanga

Tōku tāwhatitanga ka whakahinga te mana 

Aue aue taukuri e

Te whakamomori ki te huarahi hau kāinga o te wairua

Kei hea rā te ara ki tōku orokohanga?

Kei hea rā, kei hea rā?

Ka rongo i te karanga


Hoki mai tāku ipo (aaa)

Hoki mai tāku aroha

Whāia i te ara pīwaiwaka

Hoki mai ki te aroha


Ka rere te reo i runga i te tihitihi

mai te rāwhiti ki te hau-ā-uru

pikipiki hekeheke i te huarahi

kia tae atu ki te ahunga o te karanga 

mā ngā tapuwae o ngā tūpuna

kua tae mai ki kōnei e

(Me) haere tonu kia whakarewa ngā rēanga 

Ka rongo i te karanga


Ko Īhoa tōku hēpara; 

Ko ia hei mea kia takoto ahau 

Ko ia hei whakahoki ake tōku wairua: 

Ahakoa haere ahau i te awaawa o te atarangi o te mate

E taka ana e koe he tēpū ki tōku aroaro 

He pono e aru i ahau te pai me te atawhai

I ngā rā katoa e ora ai ahau, 

Ka noho ahau ki te whare ō Ihowa ake tonu atu

FANTAIL - a Pīwaiwaka translation

It twists and turns

Flick goes the tail feather and you’re blinded

Snared in the wilderness of man

Where they laugh at your demise

At my demise then I fall deeper

Oh dear, oh dear

I dangerously desire the path to the home of my spirit

Where is the way that leads to my origin?

Where is it, where is it?

Then I hear a call:


Come back my dear

Come back my love

Follow the fantail

Come back to love


The voice is carried on the whisper of the wind

From the east to west

My pathway continuously goes up and down

Until I reach the source of this call

By the footsteps of our ancestors

We have arrived here

We have to continue for the sake of the generations

Then I hear the call


The Lord is my shepherd

He makes me rest

He restores my soul

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

You prepare a table before me 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,

I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

(the first line to every verse of Psalm 23)



How did we get here, is it just a dream?

Tell me I believe in something more than we 

can try to help ourselves, can you show me how

to let it go, I don’t know (Now I’m)


Throwing over tables thinking I've made a mistake

(awhi mai) Help me if you can (awhi mai)

Help me if you can (awhi mai)  

Throwing out the water hoping the baby understands

(awhi mai) Help me if you can (awhi mai)

Help me if you can (awhi mai)


Can we let it go. (I). won’t perform my tricks

sick of dressing up like clown, it’s a risk 

I can do without, can you show me how

to let it go, I don’t know (I’m)


I know I need to work it out

I know I’ve got to get out of here

Don’t want to lose myself in the mess,

Will you tell me how to make it out?  

KĀKĀRIKI - a translation

Hold me, Embrace me,

Help me



Whakarongo whakarongo

whakarongo ki ngā hau kia mōhio

Mārama mārama,

Mā te mārama ka eke

E oma e oma

Tae noa ki te akitu o te mātau kia ora

Whakarongo whakarongo

whakarongo ki ngā hau anō, whano

No way around it oh

I had to find out

How to make my own way out

Told me your secrets this is how you made it

But I had to find out myself


I learn from doing

And if I fail the first time

I’ll try again

I learn from doing

you can show me but I wouldn’t see


I tāku kari o te rua

I horo tōku ngākau

I riro ki te pōnakonako

Auare ake te huarahi ki te mārama

He aha i pēnei ai?


Guess I had to make my own mistakes

You gave me your opinion it was not for me

I find I’m strong given time to me

To make up my mind about things

You thought it would be wise of me

To go about things the way you see

But I’d never learn to simply be me

If I was trying not to be

WEKA - a translation

Listen, listen

Listen to the winds so that you will know

Understand, understand

By understanding we ascend

Run, run

Until you reach the summit of knowledge that gives life

Listen, listen

Listen to the winds again, go


When I dug a hole

My soul was swallowed

Into the blinding night

Without a chance to find my way to understanding

Why must it be like this?



It’s mine, it’s mine (Kōrihi te manu)

I found my own prize (Tākiri mai te ata)

You can try you can try (Ka ao ka awatea)

To get in my way but you won’t stay (Tīhei mauri ora)


Protecting the truth

Found something good

You know it ‘cause you’ve got your conscience conscience right?

I know it too

Found something new

Made it a home for me


Over I flew

Found the best view

I know it ‘cause I’ve got my conscience conscience

All for my own

hold on to my home

don’t let it go for anyone else.


It’s mine, it’s mine 

I found my own prize 

You can try you can try 

To get in my way but you won’t stay, 

You won’t stay, you won’t stay

‘Cause I am stronger than you


Woke up to the news

That somebody knew

Where they could find what I found

They captured the view

And found the new tune

I heard them singing from the place I’d been


It’s yours it’s yours

You found your own voice

They will try they will try

To break you apart but hold on to what you’ve found

What you’ve found, what you’ve found

‘cause you are stronger than them

TŪĪ - a translation

The bird sings

The morning has dawned

The day has broken

Behold there is life



When is it time to stop?

When you’re enjoying it with all you got?

Another one will be just fine

I’m feeling the buzz

I’m feeling fly

Don’t need to stop

I’ve got moderation on lock

I know i’m fine until

I can’t walk a straight line no more

My oh me

I’ve lost my bearings

May have had one too many berries


I’m spinning them lines now

I find i’m a little blind now

Another one bites the dust she said

But i’m fine, fine, fine.

Watch me and then you’ll see

Temptation got the best of me


Kei hea āku parihau?

Kei hea tāku rākau?

Ka kimihia kimihia tāku kōhanga 

Karangaranga mai āku whanaunga! 

Kua taka tāku mata, kāhore te kapa 

i te kainga o tāku miro whakamutunga

kua tae ki te toi o tāku taura

rāranga mai he taura hou hei piki mōku

KERERŪ - a translation


Where are my wings?

Where is my tree?

Where is my nest

call out, my family!

My face has dropped - not the penny unfortunately

On the last berry I ate

I’m at the end of my rope

Make me a new rope so I can climb back up

(the penny is a reference to “when the penny drops”, which in Māori is, “Kua taka te kapa”)



I wake up have my breakfast in the mirror

take a selfie tell the world (I woke up like this).

Get my shoes on decked out to the iwa

I Step out I hope the world is ready for this

Walking down the street I feel people Stop and stare

But I don’t mind that’s the burden of being beautiful

Don’t be jealous anyway, you’ll never get here.

Oh by the way did you see me?


(I’m so) Sweet sweet oh, look at my feathers

I fluff my tail up give me some credit

I’m the man I’m the man I’m the man

(he’s the man he’s the man he’s the man)          X 2


I always bring my gun, (shh it’s my bicep)

my calves and my buns check out these assets

I take a selfie here selfie anywhere I wanna

That food looks nice ooh

Looks like big price ooh

Labels, fables, playing with marbles 

dollar bill dollar coin I’m just too cool

These filters make me look good.

Or is it just a filter for my life?


My cousins keep telling me “ĒHARA TE KŪMARA!”

But I don’t mind telling you I’m really really reka.


My cousins keep telling me “ĒHARA TE KŪMARA!”

But I don’t mind telling you I’m really really reka

I smell like roses I’m sweeter than nectar 

Put your shades on my light is brighter

KĀKĀ - a translation


Iwa is nine in Māori: decked out to the nines.

“ēhara te kumara e kōrero mo tōna ake reka” is a Māori proverb about how a ‘sweet potato’ will never (have to) ever tell you how sweet (reka) it is. It’s about humility.



Patience is a virtue when you understand

Try to win the game but there ain’t no right hand

Practice all you want it won’t go to plan

Running around in circles (running around in circles)

Riroriro riroriro - take it from me

Riroriro riroriro - sitting in my tree

Where the wind blows the sun will show  you will see

Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing 

(don’t you worry ‘bout a thing)


Goodbye, been holding onto to a hurt for too long

I tried to let it all go to be free in my mind

Pulling me up, pushing me down

Taking my time, holding my frown

Don’t wanna see the wrinkles making me old before I am.

RIRORIRO -  a translation 

Riroriro is the Māori name for a tomtit



The way I see it it’s a simple choice

Stick together even through white noise

Feel the hand know it well

So when you are blind you can tell

In the darkness you will hear the voice

By a whisper under all the noise

Feel the hand know it well

the one that caught you when you fell


Hold onto love, hold onto love

I’m not saying that it’s easy all the time

There are trials

You are walking a thin line

But you are stronger every step

You can handle what’s next


Like I say it is a simple choice

Don’t fall apart inside the noise

Hold out your hand so they can tell

Give them a chance to know it well

In the darkness let them hear your voice

let it pierce through all the noise

Hold out your hand, when they call

You can catch them if they fall


I’m not saying it’s easy all the time

Sure there are trails you will find

Feel like you’re walking a thin line

You will make it to the other side x 2


Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata

Ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tina

Whakamaua ki tō kaki hei tāhei

Whakairo ki runga i tō manawa

Whakatū hei haki mo tō whare ā-roto

Āpōpō ka whai ki tua o te pae rangi

Ka whai ki tua o te pae whenua

Whakamaua kia tina

Whakamaua kia tina

MIROMIRO - a translation

Pursue the horizon until it is close

Then lay hold of it and don’t let it go

Wear it on your neck as an ornament

Carve it on to your heart

Post it like a flag inside you

Tomorrow we’ll pursue it beyond the skies

We’ll pursue it beyond the horizon

Lay hold of it and don’t let it go

Hold it fast and don’t let it go



Kei kōnei au, kei kōnei ahau


The silvereye

led me to a stream

Told his friends watch over me

He said let’s talk

About the way you walk

About what’s been happening


Sometimes the wind of the storm takes us somewhere we don’t wanna go

(Kei kōnei au kei kōnei ahau)

If it’s paradise on the other side we don’t wanna know

Breathe in breathe out (Kei kōnei au kei kōnei ahau)

The sun is shining on your face on the other side


I tried to hide

my world inside

of what’s been happening

He said let’s talk

about the way you walk

Don’t hide at all from me

You never asked for any of this but here I am


On the other side 

You never asked for any of this but here I am

TAUHOU - a translation

I am here, I am here

Artwork by Manu Berry



Though the fig tree may not blossom

Nor fruit be on the vine

Though the labor of the olive may fail

And fields yield no food

Though the flock may be cut off from the fold

And there be no heard in the stall

Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord

I will joy in the God of my salvation

Yet, I will rejoice

Though the fig tree may not blossom

Nor fruit be on the vine

Though the labor of the olive may fail

And fields yield no food

Though the flock may be cut off from the fold

And there be no herd in the stalls

Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord

I will joy in the God of my salvation

Yet, I will rejoice

The Lord God is my strength

He will make my feet like the deer's feet

And He will make me walk on my high hills


Otia ka koa ahau ki a Ihoa

Ka whakamanamana ki te Atua o tōku whakaoranga

Otia ka koa ahau


I can’t relate 

So it’s hard to say “I get it” 

I don’t even wear your shoes

I wanna stay and make it all go away

This pain that you tell me is worth holding on

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep holding on

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep coming round

I understand that I don’t see through your eyes

And I won’t force anything on you

I’m a daughter too, so are you

And I haven’t been in your shoes

I’ll empathise our different bruises

Cause yesterday was yesterday 

Now it’s today so let’s go 

(Till) Tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep holding on

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep coming round

Hope, Faith, Love

Are things that I dream of 

I wonder what it looks like 

If it ain’t heaven above

Do we live in the sky or do we live in the sea?
Papatuanuku keeps crying

What can I do

What can we do

What do we do?

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep holding on

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow we’ll keep coming round

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